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Personal Trainer In Fort Lauderdale

Why Work With A Personal Trainer?

Working with a personal trainer can be a great way to move toward your goals. There are many approaches to fitness, and it is important to find the way that makes you feel the most comfortable.

A Personal Trainer gives a client the opportunity to get focused and customized workouts. I’ve had 10 years of experience helping people change their lifestyles to become a healthier version of themselves. Once you see the transformation, you’ll never look back!

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The personal trainer program will be based on what each client needs individually. These are just some of the things you may be looking for from each session.

What Can You Gain From Personal Training?



Weight loss


Working with me one on one allows for workouts that are suited for you. Often times injuries happen when a workout is too advanced. It’s not about pushing yourself over the limits, it’s about consistent work that progresses a person to success. This is the benefit of having a personal trainer!

Here are some specific styles of personal training that I work with.

Functional Movement training helps train the body to move as it would in real-world situations. Meaning little to no use of machines to train muscles. All body parts work and move together and must be trained that way. A lot of focus is placed on multi-planar and multi-joint movements that works the entire body and core.
Sports Specific Training is also available which includes all the above along with agility, quickness, and endurance training. I have worked with Golfers, Tennis Players, Runners, and Bicyclists to help improve their game through increased range of motion, core strength and stabilization, strength training, and flexibility.
Senior Fitness focuses on working with the Geriatrics population and deals with the prevention of muscle loss and bone density loss, postural issues, working with balance and stability of the body focusing on core strengthening. General exercise can help reverse high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improve overall health.

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