Hi, I’m Michael!

I help people with Chronic Injuries and Health Conditions feel better physically, so that they can achieve their goals in health. Whether you want to get out of pain, feel stronger, or even just to move and perform better. My motto “Stronger Foundations, Better Results” applies. (See list of conditions I have proven results with).

People of all ages want to be healthy and in shape, either for general fitness or a sport specific program. 
But, what can you do if you are injured or don’t have the proper posture to perform at an optimum level? 
  • Have you ever given up on working out or playing a sport because of pain in a muscle or joint? 
  • What if you have trouble with daily movement and feel that age is catching up to you?
  • Has a health condition caused you to limit or stop physical activity?
  • A fitness program that addresses your personal needs and abilities will go a long way in overcoming obstacles you may face in reaching your goal. Even professional athletes focus on maintaining their bodies, with the help of professional trainers. A proper fitness program should take you through different progressions adjusted for each individual. NOT an “out of a box” or “one size fits all” program. 

Why I Wake Up Everyday

My health and wellness journey started after a serious car accident that resulted in injuries to my neck and lower back, as well as PTSD and depression. This life-altering experience gave me the opportunity to become more in tune with my own body and pushed me to pursue a higher level of health. Along the way, I experienced further injuries stemming from muscle and postural imbalances. These really opened my eyes to learning about human movement and anatomy. 
When working as a personal trainer, I saw that every person has specific limitations, and this realization led me to specialize in corrective exercise. Sometime after, I began to explore yoga, which I thought of as a different approach to movement. I enjoyed the mind-body emphasis and started to learn more about the practice, finding yoga therapy to be a way to encompass all of my education. 
I am also very dedicated to serving the community of Fort Lauderdale, check out what I’ve been up to around town!
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Syphon Fitness was honored to receive the Thumbtack BEST OF 2015 and THUMBTACK BEST OF 2016  award for the work with personal training and yoga.  Reviews from clients propelled him to the top of the class in Fort Lauderdale.