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Your Fort Lauderdale Yoga Therapist & Post Rehab Specialist.

Invest in your health and get educated about living a healthy lifestyle today! Medical Fitness can help achieve a strong physical foundation through intuitive exercise therapy. You’ll work with Michael on a personal training program that combines yoga therapy and corrective exercise to address your whole-body wellness and functional movement goals.

What is Medical Fitness you ask? Well, it is a focus on specific health conditions. The sessions are geared towards helping the individual feel and move better in their body. I’ll focus on the important factors that could be causing issues with pain and discomfort. Being proactive and using preventative measures will help you enjoy a better lifestyle.

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Syphon Fitness was honored to receive the THUMBTACK BEST OF 2015 and THUMBTACK BEST OF 2016 award for the work with personal training and yoga. Reviews from clients propelled him to the top of the class in Fort Lauderdale.

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