Aqua Fitness & Yoga

Aqua Fitness & Yoga has been used to help people who may be dealing with injuries or has difficulty performing exercise or activity. The benefit of Aqua Fitness & Yoga is that you become lighter in the water, this helps you achieve movement and balance easier.

Aqua Fitness
Aqua Fitness & Yoga

Aqua Therapy is mostly done for rehabilitation. But lately I’ve combined my experience with fitness and yoga and developed some ways to enhance the post rehabilitation and fitness journey. People experiencing pain say that the water makes movement easier and pain is not an issue. I’ve also seen where certain exercises are much easier to access, therefore the benefits are endless. Also, there is a level of safety in the pool. Falling down is not an issue in shallow water. This takes fear out of the person and allows for better mind and body connection during the session. Water is also very calming for the mind. Just being submersed in water calms people down, instant stress relief!

Some specific things that aqua fitness is good for are people dealing with severe arthritis, obesity, poor balance, lack of muscle strength, and lack of mobility. There are many modifications that can be done for different things. Some things that can be used for sessions are flotation devices that can help aid with stability in the pool, water weights, and exercise bands. Take control and reclaim the ability to exercise! Your body is the only one you have.

As always, reach out if you have any interest or questions about working with me. See what people have said about my services. I always offer a free consultation and assessment, which can be done virutally. So schedule that appointment today to see if this is something that will work for you! It just may change your life!