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Watch This Video Testimonial by Cory E.

“Michael at Syphon Fitness has become a welcome and critical part of my health and well being.  As an older woman with  MS, the yoga therapy and balancing exercises keep me flexible and has improved my balance, something I thought impossible with a progressive, degenerative disease. He gets me to do more intense exercises, usually after I’ve said I can’t. And then his patience and  persistence pays off, and I surprise myself at what I have accomplished. I have been able to gain back strength and balance when the doctors have considered this impossible. The biggest surprises are the increases in my endurance and my sense of wellness. Michael is a very calm and caring and knowledgeable instructor. He listens to my words, as well as accesses my needs each session. He combines yoga therapy and fitness tailored to MS with intuitiveness and compassion, as well as a great sense of humor.  He is the high spot in my day!”

~Rebekah G.

“Mike has the drive, encouragement and trust to get you to your goal. He pushes you beyond what you think you can do, but makes it fun while doing it.”

~Berkley L.

Watch This Video Testimonial by Hamilton L.

“Michael Kuang of Syphon Fitness is a wonderful trainer. I have been working with him for about 6 months. He really understands people with injuries and physical limitations. He is the first trainer I have ever had who has not caused me further injuries to my back and neck. He is very professional and gives 100% of his attention during a training session. I highly recommend him.”

~ Fran S.

“I have been training with Mike for over a year. My strength and balance have improved tremendously. He always encourages me to do my best.”

~ Peggy O.

“I am, by no means, athletic.  I was the captain of the swimming team in high school and I did a little bit of running for a spirit organization, but past that, my athleticism is nil.  A few years ago, I started noticing that my pants weren’t fitting quiet as nice as they used to, so I joined a gym and got involved with their physical training program.  I was passed from trainer to trainer, until I was paired up with Mike.  The other trainers were knowledgeable, but they didn’t always pay attention to what I was doing.  Mike does.  He knows what areas I want to target the most, and he creates a workout accordingly; he knows how to correct the mistakes I make while I am lifting; but most importantly, he listens to my needs whether they are spoken or understood.  I can’t thank Mike enough for not giving up on me when I am close to giving up on myself.  Having him stand there pushes me to do the last few sets.”

~ Kristy P.

Watch This Video Testimonial by Florence D.

“The end of December 2011, was the first time my exercise program began with Michael Kuang. The most difficult challenge for a trainer would be their needing to taylor a workout for a sixty year old woman that has been weakened by Multiple Sclerosis, and loss of balance. During the course of bi-weekly hour sessions, I gained strength and some balance so walking became fun and pleasurable again. I regained confidence in movement, instead of fearing a stumble or fall. This was accomplished by Mr. Kuang’s gentle instructions, never pushing beyond the number of repetitions or weights my body was capable of preforming without pain. We even had fun; not what I expected from exercise. Mr. Kuang is a wonderful fitness instructor,  he made marvelous improvement for strength and mobility.”

~ Medda M.

“No matter what your current level of fitness, Mike has a great plan to jump start your fitness goals.”

~ Clarissa N.

“I engaged with Michael for 20 days of fitness sessions. Very calm, dedicated professional.
Exercises taylor made for my awful physical condition. Mainly floor exercises. Felt much better after just one week. I recommend his services.”

~ Ignacio V.

“I would like to thank you for your assistance in training me and helping me get in shape. When I first signed up for your coaching I thought we would spend a lot of time working on machines..  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that your core wholistic balance approach to fitness was not only easier for me to pick up but also a method that was easier for me to incorporate into my daily routines. Thank you again and look forward to seeing you next year.”

~ Sharon L. (Boston, MA/Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Watch This Video Testimonial by Ruth and Fred S.

“Mike was my trainer from July 2011 to July 2012.  He has a very wide range of skills and techniques that has helped me in our training sessions. He has the education and diverse background that puts him apart from other trainers. He is in a class by himself. Since we began training, each session is different and is tailored towards my goals. Most importantly he focuses on my needs.  The workouts are very challenging, but worth it due to the results you obtain. I have noticed improvement in my posture, endurance, and strength.  He observed my posture and how I was working out.  He was able to identify a problem with my hip that I didn’t realize was the source of my bad posture. I am so happy that he was my trainer. The only reason we are no longer training together is that I relocated to Missouri.  I wish I could have brought him with me.”

~ Dr. Saladin Cooper, MD

“Michael, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you again for such an incredible class on Friday morning! Not only was it special because you found us such a great spot on the beach, but having it just be the handful of us doing this together made it really special. You have made some serious yogis out of your session – a number of us came home and signed up for Bikram/hot yoga classes or just yoga in general! You are very talented in your craft and, personally, it was the best yoga class I have ever taken. I would be happy to review anytime for you – I have also included some of the photos from our class. Thank you again for everything and best of luck to you and your business!”
~ Stephanie S.
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