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Yoga For Multiple Sclerosis

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Yoga has been used for Multiple Sclerosis, and the results are promising for getting a better handle on the condition. It’s not a cure, but there are benefits to the practice. Here is an article I wrote about working with someone with MS.

As the article states, there is no set way to practice yoga. Every person with MS has different things happening in their body. The focus should be on what the individual has going on physically so there can be a program design geared towards what they need. Much of the time, a part of the body is affected by the condition. That part of the body may not be functioning equally as the other parts of the body. The approach could focus on helping the body find new neuro pathways for the mind to connect with the body.

Mental health is also important to focus on as well. When dealing with MS, a person could feel depressed and/or anxious. The added stress can really make dealing with the disease a miserable experience. Finding a shift in the way of thinking as well as a way of dealing with the stress is very important. Meditation and breathing practice can impact how a person feels. They can find a sense of calm in a chaotic world, which is ideal for feeling better.

Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis is something I’ve worked with and have seen wonderful results and feedback. It’s success comes from consistency and a positive outlook. You have to do the work to see the benefits, just like anything else.

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