Scoliosis and Medical Fitness

Scoliosis and Medical Fitness

Medical Fitness for Scoliosis is changing the outlook of the condition and helping people enjoy a better quality of life.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional abnormality that occurs when the spine becomes rotated and curved sideways. Most of the time, it is genetic, or the person is born with it. It can also develop as the person develops from a child to an adult. The condition generally does not cause pain, but it causes imbalances in the torso. It can cause muscles to spasm and can lead to pain. The shape of the spine can either form a “C” or “S” shape curve.

These curves can go to the left or the right. It usually in the thoracic or lumbar portion of the spine. The vertebra in the curved part of the spine has a rotational component. When a curve bends to one side, the vertebrae rotate in the opposite direction. So if the curvature is bent to the left, the vertebrae rotate to the right. If the curve is bent to the right, the vertebrae rotate to the left. Therefore it causes the rib hump you see with scoliosis. 

If the curvature is bent to the left, it is called Right Scoliosis. If the curvature is bent to the right, it is called Left Scoliosis. Scoliosis can change the way a person walks, breathes, ranges of motion, cause cardiovascular issues and general pain. During growth, braces can help to prevent the curve from worsening. It would require surgery if things were not to improve. Generally done to stop the curve progression, reduce deformity, and maintain trunk balance. Scoliosis is not reversible, but some things provide a better quality of life and pain-free movement.

Medical Fitness For Scoliosis

The body can adapt to imbalances, but this causes pain and injuries later down the road. Focusing on working to correct the imbalances is the major key to being proactive about scoliosis pain. Flexibility and strengthening are important to look at. And in the case of scoliosis, one side may need one thing and the other side will need another. Also, scoliosis is different from person to person. It can’t be worked on without an understanding of what the issues are. Program design for each person is carefully considered and used. Manageable steps can help a person go a long way! See if Yoga Therapy or Corrective Exercise is something that may interest you! Medical Fitness for Scoliosis is changing the game!

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