Yoga For Arthritis

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As aging occurs, our joints can start to stiffen, become swollen, and decrease in mobility. High stressful repetitive movements can make the issues worse at times. Movement is always important for anyone, especially as we get older. This is why Yoga for Arthritis has been proven to show positive results when practiced regularly. 

When starting any exercise program, make sure you understand any precautions your doctor may tell you. Also, be aware of any limitations your body has and focus on honoring that by not pushing too hard. Further injury can occur! 

Why Is Yoga Good For Arthritis?

Modified Yoga poses are great when working with anybody’s limitations. Props such as chairs, blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters can be used to give the practitioner support and aid in achieving proper alignment. This allows the body into a position where it can hold a pose without injury. Not all modifications will work for everyone, and each pose should be assessed to see what changes need to be made to be safe.

Besides the physical benefits of a Yoga practice, there are emotional and mental benefits as well. Much of the practice focuses on breath with movement. This allows the body to get into the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for restoration and recovery of the body. Typically in the fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system), the body may not be able to heal itself due to the stress that the central nervous system encounters.

This is why Yoga for Arthritis is beneficial, the focus on mind and body is essential to positive results. Anyone can practice yoga because the practice can be modified in so many ways. Finding the right Yoga teacher is important because there needs to be an understanding of anatomy and how arthritis has affected the body. Also, there may be other injuries that need attention as well.

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