Yoga For Chronic Pain

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Yoga for Chronic Pain has been clinically shown to reduce pain symptoms. People who suffer from Chronic Pain also show symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Additionally, fear is increased due to the person not wanting to experience the pain. So activities that make the pain worse will cease. With this in mind, imagine a person suffering from Chronic Pain and not being able to enjoy activities they use to do. Then becoming depressed due to becoming withdrawn from regular routines in life. The cycle of the pain will continue until the cycle is stopped.

Traditionally, opioids have been prescribed to help with Chronic Pain. Opioids are addictive and dangerous to take long term. As a result, millions of people became addicted to opioids and caused a surge in deaths from drug use.

What Can Yoga Do For You?

In comes Yoga for Chronic Pain, this practice which focuses on the mind and body has become recognized for its benefits. The practice combines breathing, meditation, and movement of the body. When done regularly, the brain has shown to reduce pain perception as well as maintain grey and white matter. Both of which are important for healthy cognition. In fact, research has shown that Yoga has increased grey and white matter in participants. This leads to a better chance for the brain to get out of the pain cycle.

The physical practice also helps the body with mobility/flexibility as well as strength. It can become imbalanced with its muscles where some may become tight or overactive and others may be “switched off” or inactive. The body may not function as intended and leads to injuries. Understanding this can bring a better understanding as to where the body needs work. As every BODY is different, every individual needs specific work done. Much of the practice may need to be modified for the individual. This is why a Yoga Therapist is trained in how to approach different scenarios. Focus on the wrong thing can lead to worsening the condition.

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