Before You Flex, Think Flexibility!

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Today on the show I discuss the first workout with Jim Fried, the host of the show. We got some before pictures as seen below.

Jim's Before Picture

Right after this, I performed an evaluation with Jim. I typically do what is called an Overhead Squat Assessment, which gives me an idea of what muscles are tight and weak. This leads to various foam roll and static stretches as well as different strengthening exercises.

Overhead Squat

From this evaluation, I noticed a lot of muscle imbalances in his lower body as well as an rounded back. Both of which if untreated could lead to injury.

So we used the foam roller first. And this is a cylinder shaped object made of foam or plastic. This tool is great for giving your self a deep tissue massage or self myofacial release. Great for loosening up those tight muscles. Hold each for at least 20 seconds in two spots where it feels sore.

Here is a list of the muscles we foam rolled. We did these because they were causing his feet to turn out, knees to move in, and back to round out.

It band
Latissimus dorsi

Below are a few examples of what we did.

IT Band

After the foam rolling, I had Jim perform static stretches on the same muscles to get them stretched out. For these we held each stretch for 20-30 seconds as well. (Sorry, no pictures for caught up with all the fun that we didn’t get any)

Then after all the stretching, we performed some exercises that would help Jim build some strength in some of his weak or under active muscles.

Single Leg Balance and Reach


The Single Leg Balance and Reach helps to strengthen his ankles and calf, while also training balance.

We also performed a Ball Squat against the wall as well as a Plank. (Sorry about not having photos of these either)

This is something that should be done at least three times a week until posture improves. Might be something that has to be done for awhile.

Doing this as a warm up is a great idea. 5-10 minutes is all you need to do for any stretching and foam rolling.

The activation and strengthening of the underactive muscles can be done as part of any workout.

After all that Jim looks worn out, but pleased. His first workout was a success!

Before You Flex, Think Flexibility!
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