Are You Pushing Yourself?

This is a question you should always ask yourself, because it’s the difference between seeing results and failing miserably. Often times I see people coming

Staying Well Rested

Sleep is the most important things in our life. Without it we get cranky, irritable, and flat out exhausted. Long term sleep deprivation has been

Physical Activity Guidelines

Not sure just how much physical activity you need? Check out the Guideline set up by the US Dept of Health and Human Services 6 to 17

Motivating | What Drives You?

There are always hundreds of excuses not to do something, as procrastination is usually a lot of people’s biggest issue when it comes to reaching

Beginner’s Workout Handicap

Many people don’t realize how out of shape they are till they finally get in a gym and do some exercises. That holds especially true

Change up your gym routine

Do you ever get bored in the gym? Are you getting to a point where you’re hitting a plateau and not seeing the same results?


Fiber is something that is usually overlooked in our diets, but is very important for our health. Looks like the average American only consumes around