Stress is a common problem for everyone, there is no way to prevent certain things. Most of the time stress goes away rather quickly. But what if it doesn’t?

Some people suffer from chronic stress, and that’s where your body doesn’t get a chance to relax. Cortisol also known as the “Stress Hormone” is released, and depending on the level it can drastically affect your body. It’s not a bad hormone at all in small doses, it can help regulate blood pressure, help with immune functions, and is a inflammatory response. When it’s released in a time of stress, it can give you a quick burst of energy, lower sensitivity to pain, and give you a heightened memory function.

When your body can’t return to a relaxed state, the cortisol in your body can have negative effects. It can impair cognitive performance, suppress thyroid function, cause sugar imbalances, decrease bone density and muscle tissue, raise blood pressure, lower your immunity, and lastly it can increase abdominal fat. People with high cortisol levels tend to eat more food with carbohydrates. Think of eating food to drown your sorrows.

It is important to control stress levels, so that your body can relax and prevent cortisol from taking control. There are a few things you can do to lower stress.

Self talk is important, especially when your anxiety is high. Reassure yourself that whatever is causing the stress will go away soon, this will take some practice. Keep yourself positive and don’t let your fears take over. You can also keep a journal, where you can write down your feelings. Keep it private, so you can vent it all out.

Exercise can help you release stress as well, working out about an hour a day will keep your body in check. It’s a great way to escape from everything plus it keeps you healthy. Throw on some headphones and get lost in the music during your workouts. I can’t tell you how many times that has worked for me. I usually feel great after a good workout.

If you can find a quite place, I’d also suggest doing some meditation or yoga and practice breathing exercises. Just clear your mind and breath deep, a few minutes of that before bed time can help tremendously.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out, it’s not good for you mentally and physically!


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