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Mass Produced Food For a Mass Consumed Country

You hear it in the news a few times a year.

“Food recalled due to …..”

“Food from ……. not real!”

Headlines like these don’t really shock me anymore. Especially after watching the documentry Food, Inc. Which really digs deep into how our food is produced these days. To meet the demands of fast, cheap food. The food industry had to mass produce our meats and produce. Which in turn, takes away from some of the nutritional value, and in some cases adds unwanted substances to what we buy.

Who cares right? As long as there is plenty of food to go around, we’re ok?

If you look at the timeline for the demand of mass produced food and obesity in the population, you would see a direct correlation. People didn’t have to hunt and gather their own food, and all of the sudden there is so much of everything to go around. Throw in a little bit of inactivity and a few decades, and you have the ingredients for the most overweight country in the world.

What got me thinking about this subject again is the recent news about Taco Bell’s beef not being real beef. Read the article on the Wall St. Journal’s Blog here. Taco Bell’s defense is that their beef is 88% beef and 12% Secret Ingredient, and claims it’s 100% USDA Inspected. But how much can we trust that? Especially when our food sources are controlled by only a handful of companies.

Something is not quite right with this picture. We as consumers have a choice in what we buy, and that is how our messages are sent to these food companies. We keep buying crap, they’ll keep supplying crap.

“What do you expect when your taco costs less than a pack of gum.” -Bill Maher

“The lawsuit is a result of  Taco Bell’s new slogan, ‘You might not get diarrhea.'” -Conan

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