Getting those perfect Abs

By: Michael Kuang, NASM CPT

This is the main thing that everyone tends think when they hear the word healthy or fit. Everyone wants the six pack or toned abs. But what most people come to realize is that it’s not so easy to obtain. I see so many TV ads about ways to get the perfect abs. It’s always some gimmicky product trying to entice you to think that you can get that six pack by buying the product. People that do buy it, only use it for a few weeks. Then it sits there in the corner collecting dust. Why? Because they don’t see the results, they want instant gratification.

I can tell you right now that it’s not an easy thing to get. It takes time and work. Doing 1,000 crunches a day won’t help you, it’ll probably give you a backache. You have to eat right, train with weights, and do cardio. You have to do it on a consistent basis as well! Having said that, most people will turn away from it thinking it is too much. It’s not though! Don’t look at it as a big burden, but think of it as a different approach to the new you.

Take little steps in the direction, and change things bit by bit. Get a plan of action going, and set a goal to reach every couple of weeks. This is all to get to your main goal. Soon after you will see a difference, and by then you should have a routine set. It will become easier and easier!

Here are some quick tips I follow:

1. Eat a healthy balance diet, remember that to lose fat you have to create a deficit in your calorie in vs. calorie out. So eat accordingly!

2. Workout with weights, and don’t skip out on any part of your body. Full body workouts burn more calories and build more muscle. This is a good thing!

3. Make sure you cardio training is sufficent. If you can carry a conversation when your doing your cardio, you are probably not working hard enough. Maintain at least 20-25 min of the same intensity on your cardio workouts.

Getting those perfect Abs
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