What 90% of People Don’t Know About Weight Loss


In 50 minutes, learn to lose weight effectively based on our optimal performance training program that has been developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This informative webinar, hosted by renowned fitness experts Neal Spruce and Registered Dietitian Kat Barefield, will teach you how to use the dotFIT program to develop a complete fitness and nutrition program based on your personal goals. You will discover that the secret to controlling your weight is simple – burn more calories and eat less.

Until now, these world-class tools have only been available to fitness professionals, trainers and coaches. Now you can take advantage of them to lose weight and get fit… on your terms!

– Simple food diary system with 50,000-item database from CalorieKing
– Customized calorie management system
– Personalized lifestyle menus written by registered dietitians
– Unlimited cardio, walking and resistance training programs from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Check out the online training tab on this website.  Keep track of your calories in vs. calories out, get exercises online, buy dietary supplements, and learn about nutrition. Get set up online with a 2 week free trial through Syphon Fitness! Accelerate your progress with the Exerspy Body Sensor!

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What 90% of People Don\’t Know About Weight Loss

What 90% of People Don’t Know About Weight Loss
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