Weight Loss Challenge!

This is a call to those of you who want to lose weight! This is a new weight loss challenge brought to you by Syphon Fitness and Get2Bfit! Losing weight can be a challenge in itself, but now you will compete with others looking to reach the same goal. How it works:

  • Each competition will last 1 month
  • Members will be paired up (So bring a friend!)
  • Each member will pay $300/month
  • This fee will include 2 general meetings with all competitors (Which we will be weighing in and going over information) and also 8 personal training sessions (1 team or Both members will work out together).
  • Each member will be able to utilize any of the classes offered at Get2Bfit (Zumba, Spin, Kickboxing, etc)

Each team’s goal is to lose the most weight in a combined effort.

The team with the most combined weight loss will have 2 options.

1. Get their initial investment of $300 per member back

2. Enter into the next weight loss challenge for free

Call 972-978-7846 or Email syphonfitness@gmail.com for more information! Available only at the Get2Bfit Gym @ Midblock!

Are YOU up for the challenge?

Weight Loss Challenge!

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