Stronger Foundations, Better Results

Post Rehabilitation with Corrective Exercise and Yoga Therapy Fort Lauderdale

The basis of my personal training business focuses on these 4 words…Stronger Foundations, Better Results. This approach gives everyone an advantage of finding out their weaknesses and strengths. Then is able to work to bring the two spectrums into balance. I always think about our bodies as a house. We wouldn’t want to build on a weak and poor foundation, so why would we do that with our bodies?

As a society, the majority of us spends 8+ hours in a seated position. This causes all different types of postural imbalances; tight and overactive hip flexors, weak abdominals, overactive and tight back, weak gluts, and rounded shoulders. This is just to name some of the major issues I see working with different people. Now anyone with these types of major postural imbalances need to apply corrective exercise techniques to bring their bodies back into alignment. Otherwise, the risk of injury is much higher. If they are not addressed, repetitive stresses can cause a breakdown of the body and eventually start to affect other parts of the body. For example tight hips can lead to knee injury because of the lack of hip joint range of motion.

The technique is used with high level athletes to insure that they have long sustainable careers. Injuries do happen, but decreasing the chances is important if anyone wants to continue being active in their life with stronger foundations to work from.

For any questions, please contact me. I’m always happy to offer a free consultation to give you a better understanding and insight.

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