Share your goals and accomplishments!

You know what they say, support groups help you accomplish things! I wanted to start getting people more involved by reaching out to you, the reader!

Join the Syphon Fitness Fan Page on Facebook, if you haven’t done so already. Just look for the “F” Facebook icon at the top right corner of this website, click on it and become a fan. Then, I’d like you to write something on the wall about a current goal you are trying to reach. This goes out to anyone, client or not! And lets try to keep it health/fitness oriented. This way we can create a little support group of our own. There’s no goal too big or too small, all I ask is that you try! Then give us an update as you progress!

As an incentive, anyone who does this and is interested will get 20% off on my services for the first month. That’s with either personal training or online training. Start today! And if you’re looking for training feel free to email me at I’ll get you on the right track!

Share your goals and accomplishments!
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