Online Training

Just wanted to give a quick reminder about my online training services. This is great for anyone who just needs some guidance with their workouts.

I’m able to design a program to fit your needs and goals. The online program features a custom calendar with your programs listed, each workout includes exercises like stretching, balance, core, total body, chest, shoulders, back, and legs. Each exercise tells you how many sets and reps to do, with the intensity level. A short video of each exercise is featured in case you need to see what you are to do.

This is also on top of the online food logging, which you are able to log in your daily food intake. You will be able to track if you are eating too much or not enough of your daily calorie needs. Add in the body sensor (Exerspy) and you can link up your daily calorie burn to enhance this unique feature.

Strength train 2 days a week for as little as $12 a session, you will also get cardio programs as well. A complete workout program for the fraction of the cost of personal training!

Email me to get started today!

Online Training
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