What Is Medical Fitness?

medical fitness

Medical Fitness may be a new term you may or may not have heard. Just think of it as an elite fitness professional with education in working with and understanding injuries and different health conditions. Each person’s fitness level is different and have specific needs or contraindications. Therefore, the mission of all medical fitness professionals is to help a client achieve their goals as safely as possible. Just because something works for one person does not mean it works for another person. 

Understanding what imbalances may be occurring in each individual, the medical fitness pro can design and implement the correct type of fitness program. Fitness programs will focus on strength, flexibility, functionality, and mobility.

Is Medical Fitness Right For Me?

Medical Fitness may be for you if you’re dealing with a chronic injury you’ve had for years. Perhaps even finishing up physical therapy after a surgery or an injury from a recent activity or sport. I’ve worked with many clients dealing with spinal injuries, shoulder injuries, hip injuries, and knee injuries. I have also served people with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cardiac Health from Strokes and Post Open Heart Surgery.

How Does The Process Work?

I use the modalities of Corrective Exercise and Yoga Therapy as a way to focus on the whole body and incorporate the mind. My holistic approach has always been based on having a strong foundation first. Understanding that everyone’s journey is different and that there’s not a one size fits all approach. Pain is a way for the body to tell you that something is wrong. So if you continue to “push through” pain or use the “no pain, no gain” mentality, you may be setting yourself up for setbacks in the future. Modifications to exercises are important. Meaning I start where it’s suitable for a client. It may start with a chair based exercise or yoga program, or finding confidence in walking or standing on one leg. A mindful based approach helps with getting out of the cycle of pain and the fear associated with it. It’s as much a mental thing as well as a physical.

We all want the benefit of feeling good in our bodies, don’t let injuries or a health condition stop you!

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