Health And Fitness Q&A For Radio Show

I’m being offered a weekly segment on a local radio show in Miami. The main topic I’ll be discussing is of course Health and Fitness. I’d like to reach out to everyone that reads my blog, and ask that you submit a question you’d like answered. The show will be recorded and it will be posted on this blog/facebook/twitter. I can answer these questions on the show and/or tape a you tube video. So think about what you want to know! If you have questions about certain exercises, nutrition, cardio, calorie count, etc. Let me know! I will gladly answer them, if not on the show I will answer them in the blog as a separate entry.

Submit all questions to

All participants will be entered in a drawing for a free GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym Set. One winner will be picked randomly on June 15th, 2011.

Health And Fitness Q&A For Radio Show

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