5 Tips to Stay Healthy

We all have a busy life that constantly pulls us in different directions. We may not have the time and motivation to workout or even have the time to cook a proper meal for ourselves. This is a challenge even for me, I spend hours a week helping others with their health goals and some weeks that equates to my own lack of motivation. Here are 5 tips that I’d like to share from my own experiences that can hopefully help you.

Healthy Lifestyle

1. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

It will be a constant struggle without this. Most people look for the “what’s in it for me right now”, while we should look at the big picture and see what we want as a whole. Consistent good behavior will give you consistent good results. It’s not easy, but look deep within and you can usually find the answer. Take smaller steps if the obstacle seems too big, those small steps will eventually lead to become a habit and eventually a lifestyle.

2. Resist temptations

There will always be something tempting you to veer off the track. The constant struggle is resisting what you know will sabotage your goal. Don’t let yourself fall into those traps. Distance yourself from those things for awhile, and see how you feel.  You may find that you are stronger than you thought.

3. Don’t let peer pressure overcome you

You’re doing well, but you have people around you always pushing you to do things you don’t want to. Well to me those are people you probably shouldn’t have around you all the time. Again, take a step back if you can and see the bigger picture. If you can’t get away, then at least stand up for yourself and give yourself the respect you deserve. No one is going to take care of you, except yourself.

4. Find a balance

Moderation is the key, you can’t be perfect 100% of the time. So allow yourself a day to binge a bit. This gives you a psychological boost, and can save you from sabotaging everything. I’ve struggled for years trying to find the right balance, and sometimes it ebbs and flows differently from what I’d set out to do. Just stay consistent and find the perfect balance.

5. Set time aside for yourself

Mark it in your calendar or set an alarm, do whatever you need to do but give yourself the time that you need. You’ll thank yourself for it later. Pick an activity and time of the day that works well for you and pursue that to no end. If it doesn’t inspire you then you won’t continue with it. Make it a lifestyle, make it who you are.

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