New Year Fitness Tips

I know that getting into better shape and being healthy has always been a top priority for new years resolutions. And as the gym packs in for the month of January with all the hopefuls, we can estimate that those numbers will die down by March. Many of whom lost interest because they were not seeing results, or they were hoping for more. Well let me tell you that staying in shape isn’t just a 12 week program. It is pretty much a lifestyle change that you must embrace. Many people will say that they do not have the time to do it, or they will look for shortcuts. Well there is no magic bullet like you’d hope, so this is something that must come from within yourself.

Discipline and motivation are two important factors in getting to where you want to be. Start small and work your way up. I always like to use building a house as a metaphor when it comes to fitness. You have to dig the foundation and lay down all the piping before you can build on top of that. And even after that there are thousands of different things that will be going into that house.

Here are some suggestions for getting started and staying on track

1. Have a support system-Get a friend(s) to join you, this will help you keep each other liable. You can make it into a fun thing 2-3 times a week.

2. Take music with you-It always helps to have something that will help move you.

3. Find a gym you feel comfortable in-You want to feel positive when you are there, otherwise it may distract you or even prevent you from going.

4. Stick with a well rounded diet-Nutrition is the key when it comes to losing weight.

5. Put yourself first-You should be your number 1 priority, so make time for yourself!

New Year Fitness Tips
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  • January 4, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Thanks for the tips! I am sure they will be helpful in my journey!

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