Exercise for Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder. It can affect the body and movement. It is a progressive disease that can affect a person differently as they continue to live with it. There is no cure for it yet. The best thing to do is to understand it and know some solutions that can help to cope. Some symptoms that show up are tremors, Bradykinesia (freezing of movement, slow movement), limb rigidness, as well as gait and balance issues. Medicine is available, but Exercise for Parkinson’s is one of the best ways to cope!

Movement helps people with Parkinson’s. There is no one exercise that is “prescribed”, as Parkinson’s can affect everyone in different ways. As the disease progresses, new challenges can arise. The benefits of a good exercise program include flexibility, balance, agility, and strength.

Depending on your level of fitness and experience with exercise, there may be a few things to consider. There are group classes like boxing, yoga, aerobics, and strength. At times though, group classes can be too challenging for an individual. Instructors may not focus on an individual completely and may not be what they need at that time.

How can Syphon Fitness help?

If you are considering a workout program for yourself or someone with PD, then reach out! Michael has extensive training and experience in working with the population. Yoga and other forms of exercise can be implemented to help any individual with their current challenges. An initial assessment will be conducted. Then each session will focus on where the individual is at that time. Start enjoying a better quality of life!

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