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Change up your gym routine

Do you ever get bored in the gym? Are you getting to a point where you’re hitting a plateau and not seeing the same results? Well, a simple solution is to change your routine!

I see people come in every week and do the same routines. One that stands out in my mind is a guy who does aerobics to warm up before his leg workouts. So every Saturday around 11 am, I’ll see him by the leg presses waving his arms around and doing a little shuffle. Looks like he picked up that routine in the 80s and is still doing it, he even still wears the spandex!

Changing things up is good because our bodies get used to what we put it thru. Generally, it takes about 4-6 weeks(for beginners) and 3 weeks(for intermediate and advanced) for our bodies to adapt to a workout. Meaning you have about a month before you should do something different.

Here are some tips to help you get over that hump

1. Instead of using machines, start using free weights or bodyweight. Machines are too controlled meaning that your body doesn’t have to work very hard to control the weight. Free weights or bodyweight forces your body to actually carry that weight and use more muscles to do so. Also, our bodies are never in that same position to do that movement unless you are using that machine. Let’s say the leg extension for example. When would you ever be sitting down and using your leg to move weight in a kicking motion? Maybe if you were trying to get a dog off who’s having a bit too much fun with your leg. Some things you could instead is lunges with dumbells or Squats with a barbell.

2. Start using Power movements to train. Being able to bench 250 is pretty good, but you also have to remember that being able to apply that strength into force is a completely different thing. So in between those bench press sets, you could be doing some explosive pushups or shuffle pushups. This is called functional training.

3. Change your positioning. A lot of our exercises require us to use our body parts in unison. Like the Squats or Bench Press. This can cause one body part to work harder than the other, due to it making up for the lack of strength on the weak side. Make your body work different by using one leg or arm to do the work individually. Good ways of doing that are to do 1 Leg Squats or Dumbell Chest Presses. 

So don’t be a victim of the same boring routine! There is always another way you could be doing things. Just have to think outside of the box!

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