Are You Pushing Yourself?

This is a question you should always ask yourself, because it’s the difference between seeing results and failing miserably. Often times I see people coming into the gym and getting on the treadmill and walk at a slow pace. 10 minutes later, they get off and then pick up some dumbbells and do a few arm curls. Then they leave!

To get a good calorie burning workout, you must keep your heart rate up. Challenge yourself and make yourself do the work. If you can’t do that, a good route is to hire a trainer.

Here are some of my tips to use to really push yourself.

1. Focus! Don’t talk of the phone, text, or chat with others in the gym! You are in there to workout, not socialize. Put some headphones on and tune out the world! If you are able to carry a conversation without breathing deep, then you are NOT working out hard enough. Remember the key is to keep your heart rate up!

2. Give yourself some time to ease into things. After a week or so, really start challenging yourself. Set mini goals and see if you can meet them. Example, you can do 10 pushups…so next time go for 15 or 20 pushups. But be realistic! Sometimes people push themselves to the point of injury. I’ve heard of and seen trainers do this to their clients too. If you hurt yourself, you can’t come back in the next day and do it again. Keep in mind that there is a difference between injury and being really sore. Know your limits and slowly work your way to more challenging things. If only we were all Superman!

3. Don’t give up! It took years to gain all those extra pounds! Expecting to lose it all in a few short months is setting yourself up for failure. Change your lifestyle, slowly but surely. It will all come together for you. Remember that we live in a world that has all the luxuries and conveniences. Add in fast and processed foods and more jobs that are desk positions, and you have an uphill battle to face. This is your chance to change, don’t take it lightly. It’s never easy to go against what everyone else is doing.

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