Corrective Exercise

Are you prone to injury?

Do you want to move and feel better?

Looking to prevent injury?

Keep yourself in tune to work past injuries and start moving better!

-Runners wanting to be pain free during races

-Golfers who want better range of motion to improve their swing

-Cyclists who feel the stiffness after years of riding.

-People wanting better posture after years of inactivity

Why Corrective Exercise?

People of all ages want to get in shape, either for general fitness or a sport specific program. But, what can you do if you are injured or don’t have the proper posture to perform at an optimum level? Have you ever given up on working out or playing a sport because of pain in a muscle or joint? No matter what age you are, any postural imbalances or injury can further worsen or cause other injuries. Especially in today’s deconditioned society. It is a big obstacle to overcome, which is why all fitness programs should start at a level suited for your needs and abilities. A proper fitness program takes you through different progressions adjusted for each individual. NOT  an “out of a box” or “one size fits all” program.
Read THIS  article about what the NASM Corrective Exercise program has done for professional athletes.

What is Corrective Exercise Video

Are you ready to feel better in your body?